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to make sure that the speech goes not only to the people in maryland, but also nationwide. he is trying to portray himself as a can-do governor. the governor that got the job done during the tough times. >> and with all of the tough times we got a new reading on his popularity within maryland last year when the gonzalez bowl came out. it had the governor at a 54% approval rating which is comfortably above 50%. that's where he has been the last few years. he certainly has the tools and skill set to be competitively. of course, he companies from a small state. >> there was a question on the ballot that asked marylanders if they thought he should run for president and 58% of marylanders said no. only 25% said yes. it's kind of interesting how the citizens of maryland feel about this. >> speaking of upcoming elections, there are a number of people in the chamber today who are potential candidates for governor in the next election in maryland at the top of the screen sitting right in front of the rost rum attorney general doug gansler is th
. >> education week magazine has named maryland the number 1 school system in the country for the fifth year in a row. >> maryland received a final overall grade of b-plus, the best in the nation. >> we are delighted that maryland has been identified as number one. >> judy is in charge about what students are learning across the state. she says there's enough credit to go around. >> stakeholders have worked together to make this the number 1 school system in the country for the fifth year in a row. >> would you say there's room for improvement? >> the work is not done. eliminating the achievement gap. every parent and educator and child deserves to have the best school in his or her community. >> maryland receives nothing more than a b grade in the categories. how tough is it to remain number 1? >> we're committed to making sure the children of maryland have the best education. can we say we will always be number one? of course not. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tim will have more tonight at 5:00 p.m. schools no longer in session for 1000 students in maryland. >> jennifer franciotti has
of the year as good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> legally saying i do same sex couples in maryland spent the new year's celebration at the altar tying the knot. we are live with more on the big night. and the senate strikes a deal hours after the clock strikes 12. now the measure on the fiscalcliff is in the hands of the house. we will learn what they agreed upon to prevent us from falling off the cliff. and with the fiscal cliff close to being averted, what about the debt limit for the credit cards of the country. it's almost maxed out and congress want to raise it. we will tell you about that on this tuesday, january 1st. good morning, and happy new year. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. hope your day is off to a great start. mike masco made it in and came in from the inner harbor where the spent the entire night partying. let's look at sights and sounds from last night quickly. thousands of people gathered in the inner harbor for the wonderful fireworks show. baltimore's new year's eve spec
. >> maryland achieves and knee- jerk achievement. education week magazine has named the school -- a major achievement. education week magazine has been the school the best and the nation for the fifth year in a row. >> maryland hangs on to its no. 1 ranking. >> obviously we are delighted maryland has identified as number one by quality council. >> she is in charge of what students are learning across the state, but she says there is enough credit to go around. >> it gives the opportunity to recognize stakeholders across the state to have really worked together to make this the number one school system. >> as you look at this year's results, would you say there is room for improvement? >> the work is not done. certainly the focus on on eliminating the achievement gap. every parent, every educator, every child deserves to have the very best school in his or her community. >> maryland received nothing more than a b grade in a number of academic categories. it landed an a in several categories including work force policies. >> how tough is it to remain no. one year after year? >> we want to m
many of you range in the -- rang in the new year in style in maryland and arnold the world. we will recap the big night on the first day of 2013. good morning maryland and happy new year alongside mike masco i am charley crowson. megan is off today. >> we made it. >> how did you do. >> i did pretty good i got up and sought ball come down and you know -- saw the ball come down and you know that's it. >> best behavior. >> the boss texted me by the way you are working lynette is back by tomorrow by way. >> all right. >> you are done with me and i am out of here. >> awed pretty tough week last week with the snow and rain -- you had a pretty tough week last week with the snow and rain and ushering in mildh. >> she will bring a blast of arctic air we will blame her. look at the maps and we will show you downtown. well, everybody cleared out. big festivity last night. right now, we sit at 40 degrees and that's mild for this time of the year where we should be usually into the upper 20s and low 30s. that's not the case. we find some rain showers. it's really from anne arundel county to
to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. the suspect has been identified as alycia hoffman. maryland state police say it is believed a nasty tractor-trailer crash that could shut down both directions of the beltway last night was caused by a driver cutting across several lanes to try to make an exit. just before 10:00 last night on the inner loop, a dodge to revoke cut over from the fast lane, all the way to try to exit onto we need valley road. a tractor-trailer operated by transport hit the during go and drag it all the way to the jersey wall and over into the outer loop plane. -- lane. >> witnesses say the vehicle was loving and guarded over. we still need to speak to the driver who is still being investigated. >> as far as the drivers of the suv and tractor trailer, both were taken to the hospital as a precaution and later released. traffic was stopped until 2:00. >> an update to a violent attack on christmas night. baltimore police say they have one of the suspects in custody. marcus evans facing first and second-degree assault charges after he attacked another man in east balti
will consider studying this idea. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland is at the top of the class again. education week magazine named maryland number one for the fifth year in a row. they reached -- they got high marks for the programs. governor o'malley showed up an elementary school to spread the good news. parents and teachers are celebrating the state's number one ranking. >> it is wonderful. it is historic for our educators and our state. it is fabulous for the students. >> we know how committed maryland is. that is a big part of living here. >> maryland beat massachusetts, new york, virginia, and arkansas round out the top five. you can see more on our website , >> pedestrians were hurt after being hit by a vehicle. >> ty reed joins us with the latebreaking details. >> they are still trying to piece together the details. it appears they were trying to get across a dark section of the road during this busy rush hour. >> the pedestrians were hit on route 100 eastbound entrance ramp. sky 11 flew over the screen as emergency crews rushed to get two 16-year-olds, a 19-year
, maryland will usher in a new era. gay couples will be able to get legally married in our state. the law will officially go into effect and thousands of people are expected to seize the moment. nadia met one of those couples that is getting ready for their big day. >> wedding bells are in the air. after nearly six years together, amanda and april are rehearsing for their special day. they are just one of many couples set to tie the knot on tuesday when same sex marriage in maryland becomes legal. >> to be legally married under the state law is marvelous. >> a long journey included many obstacles. >> in 2009 when we had a commitment ceremony, we did not think it was going to happen anytime soon. same-sex couples can obtain a marriage license. those who oppose the law set -- set the stage for a maryland voters to decide on the november ballot, and a majority of voters approved the measure. they obtained their marriage license earlier this month. >> it was like yes, we finally did it. >> a little boy or girl that we get to adopt will be able to have two moms and their birth certificate or o
. komen maryland, which provides breast cancer services for men and women is running short of its fund razing -- fund-raising goals. >> reporter: the race for the cure was 30% smaller and donations have been down. the next few months are crucial to continue the fight against breast cancer in maryland. it's one of the biggest fund-raising events of its kind. it's about winning the battle against breast cancer. most events are as big as the new york city marathon but it's the triumphs that make people willing to give eye was diagnosed in 2006. it was actually a couple days before my daughter's wedding, which was kind of rough. i'm still here, which is great, and i'm doing well. >> reporter: but the story for cope men in 2012 was told in a different light. february, the national organization cut off funding for breast cancer screening at planned parenthood. although it reverted it self-a week later, many were angered. >> people are a little bit confused about how this affects us locally and it does. we don't have a planned parenthood grant. they never applied for funding from us. that's i
arundel county. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> for the fifth year, maryland has been named the number 1 school system in the nation. >> tim tooten has reaction. >> maryland received a final overall grade of b-plus, the best in the nation. >> we are delighted that maryland has been identified as number one. >> judy is in charge about what students are learning across the state. she says there's enough credit to go around. >> stakeholders have worked together to make this the number one school system in the country for the fifth year in a row. >> would you say there's room for improvement? >> the work is not done. the focus is on eliminating the achievement gap. every parent, educator, and child deserves to have the best school in his or her community. >> maryland received nothing lower than a b grade in a number of academics categories. how tough is it to remain number one? >> we're committed to making sure the children of maryland have the best education. can we say we will always be number one? of course not. but we will always strive to be number one. >> tim tooten, wbal
are closed. >> now, jacqui jeras with the weather. >> mainly it has been in southern maryland and towards fredericksburg and stafford county where the schools are closed today. that's where we have picked up two inches or 3 inches. the metro, a quarter inch to an act -- to a half-inch. it is phasing out already along interstate 81. this will phase out within the next few hours. winter weather and advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. if we will still have maybe just a few snow flurries by 9:00. it's clearing out. snow coming down south of vienna towards falls church, and mclean has a little light snow coming down. bethesda towards college park, where it's more moderate at this time. a second batch of snow to the south, along 95 and east word. toward southern maryland, lexington park, visibility reduced a little.they picked up a good two inches of snow. temperatures in the teens. 19 at dulles and manassas, 21 in quantico, 20 in the district at this time. we will see a little sunshine before the day is over. it it's drying up by noon, partly sunny and 26 and noon. 28 degrees and partl
. -- it is different. >> they have 43 centers throughout the states of maryland, virginia, and also pennsylvania. they tell me in most of the centers, the number of cases of the flu doubled when you compare the numbers to last year. reporting live, rob roblin, wbal tv-11 news. >> if you have not gotten the flu shot, there is still time. we can help you find one near you on our web site -- click on medical alert. >> and we have breaking news right now out of anne arundel county. let's go to sky team 11 and captain roy taylor for the latest. >> northbound ritchie highway. they have fire crews as well as police on the scene. all lanes are shut down except for one, causing a major back up going northbound. we do not know how many people are injured. we will get you that information. reporting live, at sky team 11. >> a teenager will go to jail for the rest of his life for a deadly shooting on halloween. sterlin matthews was 17 years old when he shot and killed dequan burks. he learned his state this afternoon in a baltimore county courtroom. 115 years behind bars. at 25-year-old bellaire
. but as we cross over the bay heading towards the eastern shore and southern maryland that's where we are starting to see a little bit of a wintery mix. see that around salisbury. the observations picking up on flurries. but that darker blue could be more heavy than flurries. be prepared for some light snow showers around that area. and also wingo and we are going to be dealing with the cold temperatures that charley was talking about this morning. we are looking at freezing or below. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good news for those of you traveling in anne arundel county a. crash cleared from the eastbound lace of route 50 at route 2. no delays in the area. traveling on 95, this is what it looks like north of 195. traffic is moving along. it's going take you the normal just 12 minutes to travel from elk ridge to downtown baltimore. and as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, no problems on the jfx. the normal 11 minute ride southbound from the beltway down to fayette street. 695 is in great shape. no delays on
's white and dark chocolate chip cookies. >>> maryland's governor announces major new proposals today aiming at sweeping new restrictions on gun ownership in the state of maryland. he calls it his top legislative priority for 2013. scott broom is live in frederick county with reaction. scott? >> reporter: outside a gun store here where guns rights advocates are very concerned about this, a target of the governor's new proposed restrictions are those so- called assault weapons and the high capacity ammunition clips that feed bullets into them as well as handguns. inside the gun center here in frederick racks that used to hold so-called assault style rifles like the bushmaster are empty because they're sold out. outside customers with strong feelings about gun rights are unnerved by talk of gun restrictions. >> i'm going to stock up while i can. >> reporter: by maryland governor martin o'malley. >> our constitution gives us the right and unfortunately our governor of maryland doesn't understand infringement. >> reporter: the o'malley plan calls for a state ban on assault weapons simi
and spotsylvania counties are closed. the school systems. anne arundel county in maryland decided they will dismiss two hours early this afternoon. the motto this morning. take it easy on the roads. many streets look like this one here. with temperatures in the teens, the snow not plowed is now ice and that could make for a potentially dangerous commute to work this morning. isn't just drivers. people out on the sidewalks say they're worried about walking. >> what concerns me is the kids walking on the sidewalk. if you're in a good spin, you could go over the sidewalk and harm somebody. it's treacherous. >> vdot said it's their policy not to plow side streets unless the area receives 2 inches of snow or more. >>> let's see what we're in for today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. >> we've had had the clouds increasing. a snow event this afternoon. getting rather cloudy and a little visible through the high cloud cover. it is cold. right now, montgomery county only the low teens. much of prince george's county open only in the mid teens. in much of arlington and fairfax county, the lo
is a matter of record. until the conviction is final. maryland's law is clear. the conviction becomes a matter -- maryland clear. >> the council plans to vote on the resolution on monday. there is an idea to amend the resolution saying he will be removed after his conviction. >> the majority of the council will resist the amendment. >> do you think you jumped the gun? >> we need to assert some leadership. >> another day of testimony in the murder trial of michael johnson, the man accused of killing felicia barnes. an inmate told the jury he saw the teen's. the most surprising testimony came from the medical examiner, who admitted there was no obvious explanation and she could not rule out drowning. we will have an update tonight at 5:00 p.m. rape charges are dismissed against the co-owner of a popular restaurant. the customer claimed she was sexually assaulted inside a bathroom. after viewing surveillance footage from the night in question, the prosecution decided to dismiss the charges. chase is our that a strong storm passing through the area of interrupted your sleep. it took down trees and
called for increased funding to research the effect of guns. >> over in maryland, the governor is also taking aim at gun violence. this week he unveiled a three- part plan to curb gun violence in the state. it includes an all-out ban on military style assault weapons a 10 round limit on ammo magazines and what he called commonsense licensing for all firearms firearms stopped and sold in maryland. >> if you have to get a license to drive a car on the streets, or a motorcycle on the streets i think most people from maryland agree that you should have to be licensed in order to operate a firearm. >> if this passes, it would put maryland among the states with some of the toughest gun restrictions. not everyone is convinced the laws would prevent tragedies like the ones in connecticut or colorado. >> easy bank councilman marion barry is making new allegations about the night he was arrested 23 years ago. he claims the fbi tried to kill him. he believes the fbi surprised his ex-girlfriend with tainted crack cocaine, there was an emt stand by on -- on standby at the hotel where he was arreste
to thee puuple and black logo... wo speciallgolden ravens will appear somewhere ii maryland.. and begiinnng today fans can enter to win ickets to the logos ann uploading pictures toothe ravens website, twitter or inssagram ccounts. after a successful run on the track, a maryland racehorse is embarking on a new career. p joel d smith is ivv in rocky ridge, to see why the art worlddis buzzing about "metro meteor's" second aatt. pood morning joel d. d. 3 3 3 3 3 coming up...'s the best time of the year... to se a giit card. card.why using them his weekenn... could end p savingg yoo money. yoo're watchhng fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ennoy a ppay that's like no other.the baltimore improv ggoup is prooucinn an improvised two ct play. emily gracey joinn us with this mornings hometown hotspot. - telllus about the unscriptee show. p is very play different?- what can we seeeif we attend? attend? 10th at mobtown theater at rr meaddw learn more log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. stiil ahead... to the way we travel.the 5 new - trends of 20
brought you is breaking news last night. maryland state police believe the crash that shutdown the beltway was caused by a driver cutting across several lanes to try to make an exit. just before 10:00 p.m. last night, a dodge borrego cut over on the interlude of 695 to exit onto delaney valley road but it was hit by an oncoming tractor- trailer which dragged the suv to the jersey wall and over into the soderling planes. both drivers were taken to the hospital and later released. >> now to an exclusive video. a high-speed chase. police pulled the female suspect from her car after a seven-mile long pursuit into baltimore county. video picks up as baltimore county police around the suspect's vehicle. one of the patrol cars bumps the current as it comes to a stop. according to investigators the woman inside was alicia hoffman depuyt. they started pursuing here in northeast baltimore when officers interrupted a drug transaction and hoffman took off, striking two officers in that process. >> there were hit by cars and fled. it left the city line. we followed it up to the point where we needed as
the country. hear from lance armstrong himself. >>> weather on the southern edges of maryland tonight. but we'll have different weather by next week. >>> you can get everything at those big box stores except for a marriage. not so fast. abc2 news at 11:00 starts now. >>> this boy needs medical attention now. >> do you know about how old he is? >> i don't know, about 11:00, 12. >> chilling words from 911 call after a pit bull mauled a young boy in town. >> the results of the lawsuit are still being felt tonight. >> as lawmakers once again debate whether pit bulls are inher eventually dangerously. >> lawmakers say they reached a compromise on a bill that would -- the father of the boy's attack that led to that said it's a compromise that's aimed at protecting dogs instead of people. >> under the terms of the new bill you would be liable if your dog bites someone but you would also be able to defend yourself in court if you believe the dog -- the victim provoked the dog. it has the support of leaders in the house, delegates and state senate. >> it's fair to victims, fair to landlords and fair to
now, good morning maryland. >> the jury is set and lawyers will present the cases. the latest in the trial of the man accused of killing phylicia barn niece things should be clear this morning but snow could slow down your drive home from work. when you can expect to see snow and how much. >> we are not going to let the ravens go to new orleans without hearing the roar of the fans in charm city. when you can say good-bye to our superbowl bound team. we will tell you about that on this friday, january 25th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan prinkeling. thanks for joining us. it's going to be cold one so consider yourself warned. bundle the kids up. >> what's going on with this? could snow be in the forecast. >> both of you are right. we are dealing with cold temperatures and snow is in the forecast. as we step out the door 11 in west friendship right now. wind are calm and that's good news i can add to you. we are not talking about the single digits yet but sykesville temperatures is at 15 degrees. we have been dealing with them all week long. ijamsville at 14. s
's into southern maryland. farther north and west, this is across loudoun county. most areas in the gray are getting very light snow with a little bit of sleet. east of there, into montgomery county, most of montgomery county getting light snow, also light snow in northwest washington. this is all heading to the south and east. this is going to be with us here for another hour or two. the combination of snow and some sleet but then it will change to freezing rain. temperatures are right at or a little bit above the freezing mark. most of the region, hour by hour through the morning rush hour, sleet and snow making things slick 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. then after that, light icing. a thin glaze of ice on elevated surfaces and temperatures holding a little bit below freezing through 9:00 a.m. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella here with a look at traffic. check it out. >>> good morning. well, in your first 4 traffic report, checking roadways and it looks like folks are using caution. around our region. let's head over and take a closer look along gw parkway. checking for re
" magazine says maryland has the best public schhols in the nation. 3 but some education experts are questioning the raaking... 33 explain... whh ttey believe the magazine failed to ttke into account some iiportant -3 informatiin..- 3 no one is questioning maryland's financial 3&pstate legislature has routinell invested millions into programs, school buildings ann teaccer 3 bbddet cutsselsewhere.but how muchhdoessthe money matter... 3 struggling to read and - write???? 3 governor o'malley- is of course -celebrating the survey resuuts.. he visitee withhteachers nd studdnts t jones elementaay school todayy in severna park... here they posed for pictures wiih big foamie - fingers... indicating maryland's number one status. but experts at the "center - for education reform",,is - based in bethesda......say the 3 pmppovvegrades, grrduation rates, and close the achievement gaap for minority and low-income students.they saa maryland has foccsed too much on fundinn rather than reform. 3 < ""hat's not how you fix school, you fix schools by raisinn the
. >> this was a tough afternoon. this is now a tough evening commute. let's get you right over to maryland's most powerful radar. this has been some really heavy steady rain. 83, just a mess. 95 through bel air. seeing a little thunder in bel air. let us they what you're seeing and hearing, dealing with steady heavy rains. i want it take you down to charlottesville. there's a severe thunderstorm warning popping up. we have to see if there's enough instability to cook more storms during the course of the evening. stay close and we'll let you know ifian thing pops up. right now close to town not much happening. a spot shower in parts of annapolis. it's a flash flood watch. we also have a wind advisory. the bay, we also have a concern for those living adjacent to the bay. 61 in town off or 71-degree high. whole rae drop 41 degrees. we'll talk about that. >> we're tracking the weather, too, and you can as well. log on to you can download our mobile app. you can get everything from the live radar to school closings. you can find that 24/7. >>> tonight a harford county teen is cli
. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a whole lot unless you are traveling into southern maryland. but you heard me talk about the dry air. well, a lot of that stuff you are seeing on maryland's most powerful radar evaporating before it gets here. we are seeing flurries. salisbury reported flurries across the area this morning. so be prepared for that as well as you step out and the planner looks like this as we go through time. 37 degrees will be the high temperature for today. with decreasing clouds. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everything is in pretty good shape in howard county. you are looking live at interstate 706789 there are not -- 70. there are not any delays from columbia to 695. heading to the beltway at liberty road, normal conditions. 8 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to 70. and the rest of the beltway will remain in great shape. no problems from parkville up to towson. and checking in and looking at the abc2 timesaver traffic drive teems no concerns on the jfx heading downtown. lep minutes southbound f
weather center, now 2 jamee. >> problems on the maryland beltway. here's the latest. a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer, a fire truck and an suv on the beltway just south of 50 the john hanson highway, prince george's county. the maryland side had been shut down for most of the time, but now one lane is getting by slowly intermittently. on the right side, nobody's getting by so they're stopping traffic from time to time. this is south of 50 on the beltway. near landover, or delays begin at 202. southbound from college park, approaching the scene of the crash, that's where those delays begin. if you're coming through the envelope or inner loop, and it will take you some extra time for the accident. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to the scene with brianne carter on the ground at the accident location with the latest on what's happening. there are some injuries. >> this is a very active scene behind me. it is very involved. as you just heard, this will mean major traffic tieups. one lane on each side is able to get around. they are diverting traffic. this will be a m
is over for many in maryland that can legally wed. it's been a long battle but same sex marriage was approved by voters in november. and abc2 news sherrie johnson is live at city hall with the very latest on this and it's the latest. some people have tied the knot. >> reporter: that's actly right. bright and -- exactly right. bright and early 7 same sex couples wed downtown after midnight this morning. a historic day for maryland. and you know, the couples stood and waited patiently to say their vows. baltimore mayor hosted some of the first marriages for same sex couples in the state of maryland and performed a very -- the very first ceremony herself. they brought friends and family to take part in the historic ceremony new year's day will have a new meaning for many couples who have have right to marry -- who can have the right to marry the person they love. they got a license in december and today they were able to tie the knot. new year's day marks the culmination of years of work by gay and lesbian marylanders and allies to persuade state legislators and voters to support fu
county is closed as well. >> that's in maryland. >> southern counties seem to be closed. we have delays locally. i'm hearing two hours in charles. excuse me. we'll get to the bottom of that. weather wise, we've had totals in the 3-inch, even more than that category in southern maryland. an inch or so give or take here in the immediate metro. here's a look at your day planner this morning. it is -- it's a pretty morning with a little bit of snow. that will be ending in the next couple of hours. we get up to 30 degrees as we turn partly sunny. windchills staying in the 20s. check out this. this is a picture from brian white out of lusby. 3 inches of snow down there. had unconfirmed reports of even four inches toward point lookout in the lusby area as well from the system that's coming through right now. light snow has ended in sperryville. 2 inches out that wai. light snows on and off here in town with more light to moderate bands still going on down south from fredricksburg east toward southern maryland. monika samtani, a nice looking morning for many. they're happy to see the snow. >>>
for the d.c. government. >> we are also tracking delays in maryland. right now prince george's county circuit and district courts will had open at noon. >>> in virginia, fairfax city's government is open with liberal leave. fairfax county government is open with unscheduled leave. pay attention if you take public transit to work. the loudoun county commuter bus service is delayed until 10:00 this morning and prtc omni link will be running on a three hp hour delay. >>> let's get the reason why as we approach 4:31. here's tom kierein. >> look at storm team 4 radar. we're getting precipitation reaching the ground to our west and north. but not right in the district or south and east. the areas in bright white getting a combination of sleet and freezing rain across loudoun county. across the potomac into montgomery county, the areas in bright white, from poolsville, gaithersburg, clarksburg, all getting sleet and light icing. farther south and east of there, just a few light sprinkles and temperatures are a little bit above freezing around the beltway and inside the beltway. just north an
, then tax on a $10 charge each month. >> why should the citizens of maryland pay to receive a smart leader if they do not want it? >> delegates glen glass is meeting with the house leader seeking guidance on how to get this bill passed. wbal tv-11 news. >> also in annapolis today, the house speaker michael bush gave don dwyer a new assignment. he is being moved from the judiciary committee to the committee of ways and means. the republican faces voting -- boating under the influence charges for an aug. accident that injured seven people. officials say the ability to repay a rule that will help stabilize the housing market under new regulations -- lenders are required to offer only mortgages consumers can afford to pay back. critics insist the change will prevent low-income families from ever qualify for a mortgage. >> on mortgage being affordable should be subject simply to a broad, rebuttable presumption, not a nearly absolute resumption. by the way, maryland has an affordability statutes, and consumers did not have to -- borrowers did not have to relinquish the right for total unfettered
in maryland say i do on the first day of legalized marriages. we were there when the first couple got married. just after the clock struck midnight the mayor officiated the first wedding. maryland is the first state below the mason dixon line to allow same-sex couples to marry. >> this is one of several in laws that take effect in our region. in what was a dry down in montgomery county is now allowed to serve alcohol. >> change is slow in manassas maryland and that is the way people who live here like it. a new law will shake things up in this quiet town. >> we had two great restaurants go out of business because they could not have liquor. >> dry damascus is dry no more. the sell of liquor has been illegal but in a highly contested vote allows the sale of beer and wine in restaurants. >> you're not going to see people from gaithersburg come to damascus just because we serve alcohol. we're having people leave the town and join the town of gaithersburg. >> he owns a restaurant in town. live acts perform here on the weekend and up until now his beve
congress will be sworn in tomorrow many marylanders are now trying to figure ouu how going on in tax advisor wee poke to says taxpayers should contact their preparers as soonnas find out how they'll be impacted by ll the in 20-122 (prioleauu "if a persso has what ttee call a loss carryovvr from capittl losses frommselling stock, then your tax preparer will need to see that in order to prepare your 2012 tax returns." tax advisors say all the confusion from washington could delay refund ccecks this year. maryland leaders are meeting today to try to come up with ways to keep marylanders safer.the maryland association of counties is focusing on mergencyyresponse during its annual 3- day &pminimiziig storm damage.this - news comes juss months after superstorm andy devastated some areas offthe eastern shore. more frustration for the victims oo superstormmsandy toddy.the house of representativee wrapped up this session without legislation.... authorizing assiitance for superstorm sandy victims. the senate had already passed thee &p60-point-four-biilion dollar measu
growth around 1%. maryland lawmakers say a lot still needs to be addressed. >> we have gotten some good things done, but it is not enough. the lesson that i hope we learned is that democrats and republicans need to come together much earlier in the process to get confidence and predictability to the american people. >> i don't want all of the energy to be sucked up by dealing with fiscal problems. we have immigration, the affordable care act. >> we should be able to find a way to deal with it in a much more same fashion. >> there are other things hot expected to be discussed. it calls for new rules to tighten access to guns for the mentally ill. live downtown with more details. >> police will take guns away from people deemed to be dangerous. if adopted, the new recommendations would have a lot more people involved in determining who should have i done, when it should be taken away. >> we try to make recommendations that are common sense recommendations. the task force recommends new requirements of mandatory reporting by educators and social workers. police would immediately seize fire
was not loaded. >>> maryland's governor is slated to propose measures to make it easier to cast a vote in maryland. according to the post, governor martin o'malley will -- also to allow maryland residents to register to vote and cast their ballots on the same day. the bill faces opposition for republicans in the general assembly. the gop has long fought against similar measures. they say it opens the door to voter fraud. you'll recall in november, a lot of voters in maryland waited in hine for hours to cast their ballots. lawmakers in maryland have come o up with a compromise plan over who is responsible for injuries from dangerous dogs. new legislation would deal with the impact of last year's court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. that decision made pet owners and landlords liable for dog attacks. the new law clarifies responsibility and would apply to all breeds, not just pit bulls. it's only if they know a dangerous dog was housed on their property. >>> a 16-year-old girl taukts about being attacked on her way to the bus stop and how she broke free. she was going to
restrictions in maryland right now. maryland governor martin o'malley laid out his plan today to curb gun violence in the state. he is calling on a ban on assault weapons, he wants to limit the size of ammunition magazines allowing them to carry no more than 10 bullets and what he has termed "common sense licensing." >> fouf get a license to drive a carton streets or a motorcycle on the street, i think most marylanders, democrats republicans, and independents agree that you should have to be licensed to operate a firearm. >> i like the 10 clip. i don't think anyone needs to are have enormous clips. >> new is not sitting well with people who believe that the government should not interfere with the second amendment right and don't feel this will end tragedies like the shooting in newtown. >> you can ledge slay guns but until you deal with mental illnesses of people who have these problems this kind of thing can happen again. >> it won't help physical they won't ban guns altogether. >> it is a palling how much people are at risk because of the sell chness o
ball is tomorrow but there are many balls underay. the big crowd is here -- this is the maryland state ball here at national harbor. we were at a state bsallall in arlington as folks celebrate innaguration weekend. >> i barack hussein obama solemnly swear. >> he was officially sworn in today and joe biden tokok the oath of foficeoffice and tomorrow is the parade. some say a second innaguration doesn't matter as much as most -- >> it is a big deal to have an african-american get reelected. >> many say they will be there. >> it will be crowded on the metro but it will be fine. >> a million fewer people are expected -- but it will be crowded. many spots will be shut down not just for cars but pedestrians. >> some will stay away. >> the weather will be brutal. >> maryland had a bigger ball with crab cakes and tv's showing the ravens. >> i missed it four years a go. >> meredith smith has a plan. >> i will embrace the cold and wait. >> even marylands' governor has tips. >> i take them up my coat -- >> martin o'malley says a second innaguration is a big deal. >> the reelection was a more hist
are big story is a purple friday. fans around maryland or celebrating. a live look to the gallery downtown. fans are gathering for a lunchtime pep rally. good afternoon. ravens road to new orleans is to deposal big story. -- today's big story. clerks this place is packed. just about to start the big rally at the gallery. jury sandusky not, the voice of the ravens, is here. -- jerry sandusky, the voice of the ravens, is here. fans are lined all the way around. this is raven's country. -- ravens country. ravens fans lined up all over here. barbara going to win? -- are we going to win? the fans are lined up. the bus just pulled up outside. they should be coming in momentarily. the rally will be rolling. this place is good to be hopping. reporting live, 11 news. clerks and huge group of riggins fans were a bright and early, showing their support for the team -- > >> a huge group of bobby ravens -- ravens fans were up bright and early, showing their support for the team. a preview of what is coming up for 11 news. >> sure looking forward to raven's fans coming up here. if you're on your way and
maintained his innncence. openiig statemeets are set for friday. soom... maryland... public officials... are... taking aim.../ at...a....supreme coort ruling.... allowing.... coroporations... to donate... unlimited... amounts of money... to politici. wrote... a letter... to - congress ...// asking... them... to overturn.../// ""itizees say... that decisionn... gives... "super pacs"... more influence... than... avvrage citizens. (summmrs) "we ave earned these righhs by our blood, our sweat and our tears. we have, not aacorporation or entity that we have created." creaaed." tooay's rally was sponsored by &ptalk... f,... hhaay snow... heading this way... has... calmed down... a ittle... / but... that... doesn't mean we won't see anyy any.chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the latest and just how much we cculd get. 3 we could get. so what's the situation on the roads right no? streaming liveein west is annapoliss..kkren? 3- 3 how are the roads in othee aaeas tonnght? tooight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. rep
. >>> another big story we're following. the maryland-virginia general assemblies are in session. some of the big issues maryland legislator will face, including gun control, a repeel of the death penalty, and transportation funding. reporter -- legislator of virginia considering gun control, transportation funding and possible changes to teacher tenure. fox 5 spent the day at both opening sessions. we have team coverage and start with john henrehan in annapolis. >> reporter: last year, maryland's legislature tackled several hot-button issues like gay marriage and the dream act. don't expect quite as many headlines this year. there will be fights over where to get more money for fixing maryland's roads, bridges and transit needs, some people think hike the gas tax and others say make it a county option so some georges -- counties can go one way and rural counties go can go another. the governor wants them to abolish the september death penalty and some think capitol punishment should be retained for those committing the most heinous crimes and maryland will probably fight about whether
and -- emmettingburg and pylesville. cold weather sticks with us throughout the day. let's talk about maryland's most power ulful radar because things -- powerful radar because things are dying down a few flurries around salisbury. things are tapering he off. very dry air so lots -- tapering off. very dry air. so lots of precip. the rain and snow not hitting the ground but we have reports of flurries in salisbury. now we can plan accordingly and step out the door around 8 temperatures at 33 degrees. by lunchtime today that temperature coming in at 36 and the high this afternoon around 3:00 only 37 degrees. let's check the traffic now with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a pretty calm commute so far. here's a live look at 95 south of eastern avenue. there are no problems heading downtown and it will be nice and clear through the tunnels as well. and as we check in and look at 695, traffic is starting to pick up on east side but no significant delays. looking at an 11 minute ride right now on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 93. and no concerns over out west
married in the quiet environment of tillman island. >> by the people of maryland, i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: and with that, clayton and wayne were one of the many same sex couples married in our state today. >> i was so quick. why was that such a big deal? >> reporter: after dealing with 20 years of don't ask, don't tell in the navy, they were married today also. >> we wanted to get married in our own state in our own home. >> reporter: they had been together for 15 years. their wedding was emotional for both of them. >> it's overwhelming. again, it's a civil rights issue and people recognize that and they voted to give legitimacy to people who are in love with each other. >> reporter: many couples wanted to get married today for one main reason. >> because we could -- right after midnight. >> reporter: this wasn't the only ceremony. by the end of the day seven couples will have gotten married here. on tillman island, don harrison, abc2 news. >>> in baltimore the first same-sex marriage took effect. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake was on hand. she became ordained so she
in maryland. it's raising concerns among local business leaders. the proposal is to increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour over the next three years. right now, minimum wage is 7 toss dive -- $7.25 an hour. >> you can't live off of $7 an hour. we're living paycheck to paycheck. and a lot of restaurants won't be able to meet the labor, i mean, by boosting up the $10. that is a lot of paychecks to cut. >> and state senator robert garrigola plans to introduce the legislation next week. six other states are considering wage hikes of their own. >>> also in maryland, some people are preparing themselves for a new line of work. one you may not expect. beth parker went back to school with them. >> reporter: next to anonymity building -- an empty building, down an escalator and inside a mall, these people are going to school, dealer's school. >> i am soaked. i can't wait to finish up black jack and roulette. we have our carnivale games, too. >> reporter: in november, maryland voters approved live dealers instead of the electronic kind. they're sponsoring a class on learning how to be a dealer. >> we
in the maryland area since the 1700s. guest: well, actually my sixth great grandfather bought his first farm in the pasadena area in 1792 but actually our family has been here since the early 1600s. i'm the 12th generation born in maryland. my daughter is the 13th. appraiser: and a lot of agrarian ties back through. guest: correct. appraiser: now this as i understand it, was a piece that you actually acquired from another farmer. guest: i did. appraiser: okay. and what we have here are a variety of styles, denominations. sometimes the tokens were paid depending on which vegetable or fruit they were picking. guest: correct. appraiser: and you have the original farm box. i mean, this was something that was kept by the farmer in the barn or wherever they were bringing the product to. so he was the paymaster as well. this branches into an area of collecting called exonumia. exonumia are tokens or metals that represent a monetary value, but they are not themselves currency. and we see this not only in farm tokens but in transportation tokens tax tokens of the mid-century, and have
night. not a lot going on over the next couple of weeks here in maryland. if you are waiting for the big snow like stan, you will have to wait. >> oh, darn. >> are you being sarcastic? new news in prescription drugs. >> why taking ambien could lead to more car accidents in the year ahead. >> but first, police want to know what caused a crash on i- 95. >> i am rob roblin. the first baby born in the area at this new year. that story, coming up. >> live, local, late breaking -- you are watching wba l tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall, donna hamilton, you're into whether forecast with chief into whether forecast with chief meteorologist -- into whether excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away wit
new york. . >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> the deal is done now lawmakers return to their vacation. we have details this morning on the bill passed avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> neighbors heard gunfire mixed with fireworks. police believe that is why a 10- year-old is in critical condition this morning. we will give you the latest. >> the new year means a new session. maryland lawmakers are getting ready to head back to annapolis. what they expect to accomplish. we will give you a preview on had wednesday. thanks for joining us good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's 2013. >> it is. >> i know it was yet but now for a lot of people it's back to work. >> you are back with us this morning. stay that one more-- say that one pour timelet it roll off -- one more time. let it roll off the tongue. >> 2013. here's lynette charles welcome back to you. >> thank you. happy new year. i didn't say that. so 2013 we can see what's going on right now. let's look at what's going on as we look at temperatures this morn
legal in dc and maryland. >> i think there is a pretty good consensus in the church about same sex blessing and in places where same-sex marriage is legal. because of our stature goes beyond the episcopal church we are trying to speak out to the christian and interfaith community around the country we stand for marriage equality and with lgbt people. >> individual priests can decide whether they want to officiate. >>> health alert. at a local er one of the hospitals where flu case have taken a dramatic spike. >>> a frightening ferry crash in new york city into a manhattan dock. >> more than 30 children found in one home day care, that wasn't the only problem police found. disturbing charges at 11:00 p.m.  >>> this year's flu season is rapidly spreading across the country. it has gotten so bad in boston the city declared a public health emergency. the virus is proving deadly in arkansas at least 7 flu related deaths less than half of arkansas residents got flu shot this is year. >>> health officials believe they could be facing the worst flu season in a de
's right. another shot of conditions in maryland now. you'll want it give yourself plenty of extra time if you're headed out this early hour. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein's watching the conditions. what's going on? >> the only reason the streets are wet is because they've been treated with a lot of salt. elsewhere, all of the road temperatures are well below freezing. any snow that fell stuck. and it is slick. watch out. untreated surfaces are very slick. some of the heaviest snow we had, actually southern maryland, northern neck of virginia. this narrow band there. unloaded an inch to two inches of snow parts of the northern neck, into st. mary's county, lower eastern shore. now locally we're just getting lingering snow showers and flurries in areas in gray and white across northern virginia and into the nearby suburbs in maryland. it's going to be with us here perhaps for another hour or two. and then ending. up to about an inch of snow generally. all these areas in the purple color, until 9:00. a winter weather advisory in effect. it's probably going to be expiring around d
happened to him when crossing a border when "good morning maryland" begins right now. >>> we are following breaking news this morning out of baltimore city. an early morning fire forces a number of people out into the cold. >>> and a select kick that had ravens' fans crying foul. now it appears the golden boy is going to be paying up. >>> your morning commute and school is going to be a little different this morning. it's going to have a winter feel. snow on the ground. how long will this hang around? also what about those cold temperatures? we'll take a look at all of that coming up on this thursday, january 24th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. megan is off today. but lynette charles. she is in house with the very latest on your forecast. and lynette, still a lot going on outside. it is dangerously cold. >> it is. it's cold out there char low. you really need to bundle up. but maryland's most powerful radar still picking up on the light snow showers across the area. i'm going to take you on a little radar tour this morning where we will start out in carol county. so if you'
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